PHOTOS: Pop Stars Making Taylor Swift Faces!

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You guys know we're big, big fans of Taylor Swift here at Buzzworthy. Not only is the girl a super-talented singer and songwriter, but she disses guys publicly with her lyrics (we always love a lady with cojones), and she's genuinely so grateful for her success. She's so grateful that she can't even believe she has it, as the 1 million-plus photos (and LOL-y video) of her making shocked and surprised faces on the internet will prove.

To celebrate the hilarity and adorableness that come along with a good, old-fashioned Taylor Swift Surprised Face, we put together a photo gallery of our favorite pop stars imitating the "You Belong With Me" singer. OK, they're not technically imitating her in these photos, but when you put them all together in a photo gallery and call it POP STARS MAKING TAYLOR SWIFT FACES, it sure looks like that, doesn't it? Solid logic right there, folks.

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Leave it to Queen Beyoncé to turn looking surprised into a dance move. Bey "pats her weave" as she leaves a restaurant in 2010, and the surprise of the paparazzi doesn't even faze her. Yeezy taught her well.

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You're gonna have to try harder than that, Rihanna! A true Taylor Swift Surprised Face comes with genuine shock and actual befuddlement. You're almost there, keep practicing!

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Katy Perry went two-for-one when she got her 2011 Halloween costume -- she picked up a cat mask and "Taylor Swift Winning An Award." What a thrifty tip!

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