New Song: K'naan Featuring Nelly Furtado, 'Is Anybody Out There'

It's been nearly six years since Nelly Furtado dropped Loose, and we're still pumping "Say It Right" on the regular. But it looks like rapper K'naan's bringing one of our favorite songbirds back for a second collaboration (remember "Going Away"?) on his new song, "Is Anybody Out There."

Inspiring keyboards and a motivating drumbeat are the perfect backdrop for K'naan's flow on "Is Anybody Out There," which consoles those lonely types out there in search of a friend during a struggle: "I can see her crying out, yeah/Is there anybody out there?/Right now she could really use a shoulder." Nelly's signature vocals kick in on the chorus, offering all the #foreveralones strong words of encouragement: "If you feel the way I feel/Like you've been talking to yourself/Well, this is for anyone who's felt invisible." Lesson learned: Everyone is miserably lonely! I mean, everyone is there for each other!

"Is There Anybody Out There" is featured on K'naan's latest More Beautiful Than Silence EP, out today on A&M/Octone Records.

+Listen to K'Naan Featuring Nelly Furtado, "Is Anybody Out There."