New Video: Mike Posner, 'A Perfect Mess'

If Mike Posner's steamy "Looks Like Sex" video is the perfect "Let's get crazy on Saturday night" anthem, then the soul crooner's latest video, "A Perfect Mess," is the Monday morning "How the eff did I get myself into this mess?" reflection. It's all fun and games until someone parties too hard, guys.

In the video for "A Perfect Mess," Posner sets aside playtime with beautiful women to offer a solo visual tale. A twinkling cityscape shot at night offers an ethereal backdrop for a solemn-looking Mike as he sings about confusion in his newfound fame. Multiple camera angles and close-ups capture emotional confessions about his past, while an empathetic gaze into the lens seemingly asks for forgiveness from a particular friend. Judging by some pretty serious lyrics -- "I ain't your secret no more/But listen close, and I'll give you one more" -- it looks like Mike's focused on starting brand-new. Props to him for keeping up with his New Year's resolution this late in the game. I was done Jan. 3.

We don't mind videos that inspire some panty-dropping, but we're really digging Posner's vulnerable side. We're hoping we hear more on his upcoming album, Sky High, dropping soon.

+ Watch Mike Posner's "A Perfect Mess."