New Video: The Cranberries, 'Tomorrow'

Unlike the tart fruit for which the band is named, The Cranberries always had something a little sweet and touching about them, like on their '90s hits "Linger" and "Dreams." The Irish band -– frontwoman Delores O'Riordan, Noel Hogan, Mike Hogan and Fergal Lawler -– called it quits in 2003 but reunited a couple years later. Next month they return with Roses,their first studio album in a decade.

The video for Roses' "Tomorrow" finds The Cranberries in classic form. O'Riordan says, "The song was written really spontaneously. People tend to overly ponder. It is the human condition, and 'Tomorrow' is about getting away from the consuming process." In the video, O'Riordan is draped in a bed of roses and bound in heavy chains. "I know that you're mad, you spend a lot of time in your head," she sings. "If you can come away with me, you should come away with me," she beckons as the chains that bind her slowly unfurl. "Tomorrow could be too late... tomorrow could be so great, if only you had some faith." In its straightforward simplicity, the message is this: Seize the day, my friends.

Roses is slated for released on Downtown Records/Cooking Vinyl Feb. 28.

+ Watch The Cranberries' "Tomorrow" video.