New Song: Flo Rida Featuring T-Pain And LMFAO, 'Run To You'

Credit: Getty Images/Picture Group

I'm not even sure why the internet is still alive right now given the fact that three of the biggest artists in music just put out a new record. Flo RidaT-Pain and LMFAO (otherwise known as "guaranteed, go-to No. 1s") all appear on Flo's latest, "Run To You." Not sure a track's been this stacked since "Lady Marmalade."

"Run To You" has "3 a.m. dance marathon" written all over it. Think Flo's "Right Round" plus DJ Khaled and T-Pain's "All I Do Is Win" and a heaping dose of LMFAO's "Sexy And I Know It." (So basically the best song in the world.) Over a trancelike beat, Flo brags about how attractive and well aerated he is: "You already hot, I'm already hot/No sweat, no Under Armour." T-Pain serves up the chorus, reminding us he can hook up with any chick he wants ("Somebody gon' get it, oh, oh, oh"), while LMFAO ruminate on the toils of having round-the-clock babes at their disposal: "I know what you wanna do/When I wiggle, wiggle, wiggle in my Underoos.../Never should’ve let you bounce on my pogo/Now you wanna be my Yoko Ono."

Real talk, I'd wanna be anyone's Yoko One if they stood to make as much dough as these three do when this record hits No. 1. Got my mind on my money, OK?

+ Listen to Flo Rida featuring T-Pain and LMFAO, "Run To You."