A Super-Smiley Katy Perry Poses With Fans In The Philippines! (PHOTO)

Credit: @katyperry

Not to make you feel bad or anything, Russell Brand, but your (soon-to-be) former wifey Katy Perry seems to be doing really well post separation. As everyone in the entire galaxy should know by now, Russell recently filed for divorce, but that hasn't stopped Katy from traveling around the world to continue her "California Dreams" tour, catering to her billions of admirers. Along with a super cheery pic of her posing with fans in Manila, Philippines, Katy recently tweeted: "I will miss ya manila!" We'd pine for Manila, too, if we got a send-off like that!

It's possible that Katy's wearing some extremely powerful concealer or something, but I don't see any signs of tears and/or bags under her eyes, which, YAY! That being said, my vote still goes toward a reconciliation because... well, will you just LOOK AT THIS PICTURE?! But if that doesn't happen, we know Katy already has millions of dudes lined up ready to reenact her "Teenage Dream" video with her. And in case you're wondering, NO, we're not jealous. (That's a lie.)