Video Premiere: Evidence, 'Falling Down'

Someone needs to tell L.A. rapper Evidence that he's kind of obsessed with rain. After his 2007 debut album, The Weatherman LP, gained praise from fans and critics alike, one of Rhymesayers latest signees (and one-third of hip-hip group Dilated Peoples) is back with his follow-up album Cats & Dogs (also a weather analogy). Any guesses on the theme of his first video, "Falling Down"? Yes, precipitation! Send this dude a Totes gift card or something.

Evidence (Michael Perretta) plays the protagonist in his video for "Falling Down." Over a hard, midtempo beat, Perretta makes his way from his home across a stylized, black-and-white Los Angeles backdrop, walking slowly and looking solemn as he spits his tale of when-it-rains-it-pours success: "I never woulda thought the words wrote on a page/Would have me on the other side of Earth on a stage/I never woulda thought there was a stage on Earth/That made me feel more at home than my place of birth." Perretta eventually finds himself in a phone booth with a blinking red receiver, which leads him to a rooftop that soon turns into a moving train. Perretta walks the entire length of the train trying to confront what looks to be an enemy, only to be faced with his own shadow at the end of the video.

Evidence's Cats & Dogs is out now on Rhymesayers.

+ Watch Evidence's "Falling Down" video.