Paris Hilton Recorded A Song With LMFAO And Sorry, We'll Probably Like It

Credit: Getty Images

I wanted to hate Paris Hilton's 2006 debut single, "Stars Are Blind," along with the rest of you. But also along with the rest of you, I didn't. I actually loved it and downloaded it and listened to it many, many times. Loudly.

Now it looks like Paris' musical stylings will be shuffling their way back into our lives -- the heiress has reportedly been working on new tunes with LMFAO for her upcoming album. If the palpable friendship between Paris and RedFoo in this photo from Sundance is any indication of their studio time together (Oh hai, Kaskade), then these two probably churned out a top-notch club banger. Listen, I'm not comfortable with it, either.

We already knew Paris was tapping producer Afrojack for some club beats on new material when we heard her most recent demo, "Good Time" (which we also didn't hate). And given that LMFAO's "Party Rock Anthem" was on every Best Of 2011 list ever, we bet RedFoo has some secrets for getting their collabo with Paris' heard... 1,000,000 times over. We are both excited and ashamed to admit we will probably love the music headed our way. Sorry we're not sorry.

Stay tuned for Paris Hilton's new album, tentatively due out this summer.