Video Premiere: Sleigh Bells, 'Comeback Kid'

In the first video for their soon-to-drop sophomore record, Sleigh Bells seem blissfully stuck in some dreamy flashback of 1985. One scene from "Comeback Kid" shows singer Alexis Krauss strutting around a sun-washed beach in shredded acid-washed jeans and giant heart-shaped earrings while another has the noise-pop superstar looking like a bubblegum teen queen gone bad as she dances up a storm in a studded leather jacket, DayGlo daisy dukes, fishnets and Keds. (And give us a minute to salivate over those nails... OK, we're back.) We're not sure what's going on in that segment that's got Alexis jumping on a bed while holding a rifle and sporting a scary-huge grin, but her magenta bathrobe is totally outrageous.

The first proper single off of Reign of Terror (due out February 14), "Comeback Kid" is sweet as strawberry Pop Rocks and almost just as explosive. All that crunchy noise comes courtesy of guitarist Derek Miller, whose Nirvana tee seems awesomely out of place in the midst of the '80s nostalgia overload. Later in the video, Derek slips on a varsity jacket and the duo take a spin through the grocery store, dropping lots of Hostess goodies and Chips Ahoy! cookies in their cart. By the time he punches the air in a badass nod to Bender from The Breakfast Club, we're wishing Sleigh Bells' dream of the '80s would never come to an end.

+ Watch Sleigh Bells' "Comeback Kid" video below, and check out singer Alexis Krauss getting her nails did after the jump, and get her look-by-look style synopsis at MTV Style.