The Buzz On: K.Flay

Imagine Ke$ha without the heavy eyeliner, Dev with longer hair and a rapping version of KT Tunstall -- you almost have yourself Chicago-born K.Flay. Oh, and throw in a dual degree in psychology and sociology from Stanford University. I KNOW.

K.Flay fans call her a writer of hip-hop and pop, but where K.Flay really kills it is on the vox: This girl can saaaang. But she can also spit rhymes like a total boss. And probably due in part to that highly pedigreed education of hers, K.Flay's rhymes are intricate and especially thoughtful. On her track "Doctor Don't Know," for example, K.Flay skillfully combines her sense of humor with real-life issues: "Yeah, it's fun to be carefree/Till you're clinging to the edge just barely/I have less sex than a mathlete/Wanna know the deal, don't ask me/Last night I called the doctor and he said to me/'No matter what you try to do you're gonna die eventually.' " You try successfully referencing mathletes and mortality in the same stanza... I rest my case.

Though she's still considered "on the come-up" K.Flay's already shared the stage with some seriously famous peeps: Snoop Dogg, Ludacris and 3OH!3, to name a few. She just came off a tour with Theophilus London, and she's dropping her Eyes Shut EP Jan. 31. Whoever said college degrees don't get you anywhere anymore obviously hasn't done their homework.

+ Listen to K.Flay, and watch her O Music Blog WTF Wednesday video below.