New Video: Arctic Monkeys Featuring Richard Hawley, 'You And I'

The last time we saw Arctic Monkeys, they were doing the "Prison Break" thing in the California desert in their "Black Treacle" video. The clip for the song's B-side, "You And I," brings it all back home, capturing the band cruising the English countryside by motorcycle and goofing around in the studio. And they brought a friend: U.K. retro-crooner Richard Hawley, a dude you should check out if you're into deep, masculine voices and feeling especially classy. (We've listened to his song "The Ocean" probably 200 times -- it's just that epic.)

"You And I" is credited to Hawley and the Death Ramps, a suitably metal name, and the band definitely uses the alter ego to get heavier than usual: the track's powered by a hulking two-note riff that stomps back and forth like Godzilla. It's pretty much the kind of jam you want to hear on a loop when you're wearing a leather jacket and motoring across Europe (which we do all the time, in our dreams). Also, bonus for Arctic Monkeys GIF makers/lovers: The :46 mark is about to change your life.

As you no doubt have scheduled in capital letters all up in your Facebook events, Arctic Monkeys are currently on tour with the Black Keys. Mr. Hawley's last album, Truelove's Gutter, dropped in 2009, but we recommend starting with 2005 classic Cole's Corner if you're looking to dig in.

+ Watch Arctic Monkeys' "You And I."