Star Spotting: Katy Perry Just Wants To Have Fun

Credit: Splash News

This photo of Katy Perry promoting her fragrance Purr in Manila, Philippines, over the weekend warms my cold, shriveled heart for so many reasons! Allow me to explain.

First of all, GOOOOOO, Team Katy! We're so, so pumped that Katy is picking herself up by the bootstraps (or eerie printed ballerina dress) after the announcement of her separation from husband Russell Brand. She's getting right back to work, which always helps with heartbreak (says Dr. Phil, probably), and she's managing a thumbs-up while she's at it.

Second, a fan is handing Katy a book about the singer's Chinese zodiac sign, which is the rat as she was born 1984. What a gift! Not only can Katy read up on her personality traits, but now she has a book with a stylized rat printed on the front!

Third, THE HAIR! It's still back to her OG "California Gurls" blue. Not like Katy could dye her hair a color that wouldn't look awesome, but I'm particularly partial to blue. I may or may not have even worn a blue wig to see Katy in concert, and I may or may not have worn it around the house that morning for no apparent reason. Free to be you and me, guys.