Video Premiere: Electric Guest, 'American Daydream'

Despite the cheerful-sounding title, Electric Guest's "American Daydream" video plays out more like uneasy social commentary than a sunny romp, and it's riveting. The Los Angeles duo, featuring frontman Asa Taccone and Matthew Compton, have been making electro-soul waves with recently released songs that range from the sprawling, moody "Troubleman" to the downright soul-kissed "This Head I Hold," all from their forthcoming Danger Mouse-produced debut album, Mondo.

"American Daydream" adds a soulful sway and catchiness to some otherwise ominous sentiments. In the video, directed by Asa's brother Jorma Taccone (The Lonely Island/"Saturday Night Live"), Asa's at a swank party seeming like an outsider looking in, and the feeling of isolation is palpable. "Why don't you make yourself available?" he asks himself as he gazes at a presumed love interest. "She told me that she wants to be free/It's easy." The ominous vibes are eerily juxtaposed to the catchy refrain of "We keep going/Don't stop running/They keep selling/We don't want it... This thing's bound to break." The tension eventually does lead to a breaking point, and let's just say this is one party you should be happy you weren't invited to.

Mondo is slated for release April 24 via Downtown Records.

+ Watch Electric Guest's "American Daydream" video.