Video Premiere: Silverstein, 'Brookfield'

Punk's not dead; it just got super-obsessed with Instagram. Ontario quintet Silverstein's hard-hitting new single "Brookfield" comes along with footage vignetted and faded like your favorite filters, though the band's cool underwater shots look like actual Super 8 film. When he's not taking a dip, singer Shane Told is marching intently through the streets of his hometown as electric guitars blast, singing about memories that seem anything but sepia-toned: "I'm sick of telling secrets/To people who don't care enough to know/Why I'm so scared," he sings.

But we don't know, either -- at a mere 90 seconds, the track's over before Told can tell us, closing with the lines "So bury me on Brookfield/And then I won't be scared." Luckily, the song itself won't give you the heebie-jeebies. It piles on more hooks than "Peter Pan," with a perfect punk balance of catchy melodies and rocking the eff out. The quickie jam is from Silverstein's Short Songs album, a 22-track collection of miniature originals and covers of Green Day, NOFX and more of Silverstein's heroes.

Short Songs, Silverstein's sixth album, is due Feb. 7, so keep an eye out. Or blink and you'll miss it.

+ Watch Silverstein's "Brookfield."