Song Premiere: Eisley, 'One Last Song'

Let's say it's been a long day: You're exhausted, you have a pounding headache and your roommate just ate your last Lean Cuisine. Basically, you're completely effed. Cue "One Last Song," Eisley's soft and calm new track, and probably the only non-narcotic that will help you out of your post-workday grumpfest.

"One Last Song" has an ambient quality, lead by lead singer Sherri DuPree-Bemis' lilting vocals. Her voice is hushed and focused, but she sings of a passion so intense that it needed be captured in musical form: "If I could only write one last song/It'd be for you/I'd leave it behind/A capsule in time/To show you, how deep this goes."

Instrumentally, the record is sparse until the last half when it kicks into high gear and takes on a more dramatic, orchestral quality. As Eisley explains to Alternative Press: "['One Last Song'] starts out just like a classic Eisley song; it’s got a lullaby vibe, it’s very soft -- and then right when you think it’s over, it kicks in with this drum fill and this kind of Portishead-type jam-out session with these vocals that are very Beatles-y. That was really fun and challenging for us."

Eisley's latest EP, Deep Space, is due out Feb. 14.

+ Listen to Eisley's "One Last Song."