Star Spotting: More Smiley JoJo, Please!

Credit: PCN Photos

You know we love us some JoJo here at Buzzworthy, and we think she's the ultimate song cover queen, but doesn't it always seems like she's singing about dudes who are doing her wrong? (Um, her cover of Drake's "Marvin's Room" is pretty much gut-wrenching and heartbreaking.) That's why we were so excited to see her laughing it up while headed out to dinner with a friend last night in L.A. Not only was she cracking up about something hysterical (probably my Twitter feed, TBH), but she's wearing bright pink pants! Everyone knows that when you're wearing bright pink pants, you're in a good place.

The "Disaster" singer recently tweeted, "I'm in a very serious relationship with myself," and more power to you, JoJo! But what we're really interested in is the relationship you seem to be having with your gym. Those abs be poppin', girl! DM us your fitness program?

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