Katy Perry's 'Teenage Dream' Gets A 'Pop Up Video' (VIDEO)

Remember how Katy Perry's video for "Teenage Dream" is like, the best video you've ever seen ever? It just got even better! The already-perfect "Teenage Dream" received a "Pop Up Video" makeover, and we're just a little shocked with what we learned. Hooray! Makeout scenes AND knowledge!

Thanks to our well-informed pals over at "Pop Up Video" HQ, we learned that Katy used her real-life high school friends as extras in the video, which was shot in her hometown of Santa Barbara. We also find out that even though Katy's parents are extremely religious, she invited them to the set of the video, which we all know gets pretty rowdy -- not only did the Parents Perry have to witness their daughter practically having sex with a male model, but they also had front-row seats to Katy's pals "taking advantage" of the free booze on set. (Uhh, Katy's parents watched her friends hook up, take their clothes off and vomit... in that order.)

Understandably, Katy felt "traumatized" by the whole thing, and my sincerest apologies to Mr. and Mrs. Perry on behalf of my entire generation. But all that debauchery was necessary for the sake of the art of the video! Trust us.

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