POSTED: Step Inside 'The World Of Pain' + Find Out Who He Thinks Needs Auto-Tune

We’ve been reminiscing with’s POSTED artist T-Pain all month long. He drove us down memory lane with stories about his taxi driving days back in Tallahassee, Fla., and he recently reflected on his craziest 5 a.m. moment. This week, we fast-forward to the present by sharing his new documentary-style webisode and getting T's suggestion on who needs some Auto-Tune up on their tracks.

Up first, we've got episode one of T-Pain's "The World of Pain," which closely (and kind of hilariously) documents the life of the "Let Me Talk" singer. The show introduces behind-the-scene footage of T's backstage life (warning: scary clowns included), and we even get a quick training session on how to hang with him. This is the stuff they need to be teaching in school!

The next clip has T-Pain contemplating what artist he thinks should take up Auto-Tune, and after some heavy consideration, T decides on a fellow rapper: "I think Eminem should use Auto-Tune... cause he's doing a lot of singing now. He should try it at least once." Coming from the unofficial master of Auto-Tune but also someone who sounds great without it, that comment could be a compliment or a diss. We're not sure... We'll let you fellas sort that one out.

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