Star Spotting: Ashlee Simpson Dressed Her Son In A Tribe Called Quest T-shirt! Parent Of The Year!

Credit: PCN Photos

We already knew that Ashlee Simpson was a cool mom based on the fact that she always seems so happy when she's seen hanging out with her little one, Bronx Mowgli. But when you dress your toddler in A Tribe Called Quest T-shirt and cutoff shorts, you should win a parenting award. Or several parenting awards.

Ashlee took Bronx out for a walk at the Tree People park in L.A. yesterday, and it looks like she's already teaching her son the importance of dressing to impress. Bronx's A Tribe Called Quest T-shirt is definitely a statement. It says to the little toddler girls he might be cruisin', "Yo, lemme teach you about the legendary '90s hip-hop group who revolutionized the entire genre, focusing on abstract philosophy and message tracks instead of the hard-core gansta rap style that was popular at the time. After that, I'll let you decide -- can I kick it?" Use that line for the rest of your life, Bronx. Gets 'em every time!