Video Premiere: Cobra Starship Featuring Mac Miller, 'Middle Finger'

There are only a few things that unite us all, no matter our generation, race, or class: internet cat videos, Girl Scout cookies and the middle finger are on this treasured list. In Cobra Starship's latest video, the band pays homage to everyone's favorite hand gesture with an assist from Mac Miller in "Middle Finger."

Cobra Starship is already known for their IDGAF mentality, and "Middle Finger" really raises the bar. As Gabe Saporta plans his night out on a pay phone outside a convenience store, the middle finger spreads around town like good deeds in "Pay It Forward." Mac Miller starts the bird craze as he opens the song: "Got my middle finger up and it's pointed to the ground/Rollin' in with my whole entourage, too many of us to count." Soon, everyone is giving everyone else the middle finger as Cobra Starship ride around in a Jeep continuing to -- wait for it -- not GAF.

If we've learned anything from "Middle Finger," it's to pay your bill in all change, drop someone's art project on the street, ruin a neighborhood basketball game, and splash an old lady with street water. Cobra Starship and Mac Miller: NOT role models.

"Middle Finger" featuring Mac Miller is out now on Cobra Starship's Night Shades album.

+ Watch Cobra Starship featuring Mac Miller, "Middle Finger."