Star Spotting: Hilary Duff Is Still Pregnant, Still Gorgeous

Credit: Splash News

It's just not fair. As I sit here writing about the now very pregnant Hilary Duff, I need about three gallons of coffee or five more hours of sleep to feel even half awake. But Hilary, seen here coming from a night out with her hubby Mike Comrie, has a freakin' body growing inside of her and still looks FLAWLESS. Where does she get the energy?! That can't all be wheatgrass shots and soymilk or whatever else those Californians are into these days.

Hilary and Mike hit up the popular Chateau Marmont in L.A. last night, and we have to give Hil props for still making time for date night with her husband while approximately 18 months pregnant. We also have to give props to Hilary for not getting out of the car and just serving up a (verbal) beat down on the paparazzi she's giving the side-eye to. Not that we promote violence, but sometimes those dudes need a firm talking-to. Leave the celebrities alone!

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