Star Spotting: Rihanna's On A Tropical Vacation! Again!

Credit all photos: Splash News

There are a ton of reasons why I want to be Rihanna -- her hair, her clothes, her career, her swag, her bank account, etc. -- and adding to that list is the amount of time this girl spends on vacation in tropical locations. Rihanna is currently in Hawaii, where we should all be legally acquired to vacation at least once in our lives, and homegirl is doing it right... except for that BlackBerry. Ri, leave it back at the house! You're in paradise! Those emails can wait!

From the looks of a lot of the photos from her trip, it looks like Rihanna's spending quite a bit of time by herself on this vacay, and we're totally on board. There's just something about people that can be so annoying sometimes, you know? Like, the way they talk to you and expect you to listen and give feedback. Ughhh. It's like, why can't I just live on the planet with all cats, some dogs and a couple Justin Timberlakes? Is that weird?