Video Premiere: Jessie Baylin, 'Hurry Hurry'

Jessie Baylin's been on the scene for a minute, but we're thinking her track "Hurry Hurry" will be the one to officially break her into the mainstream. Sure, she's married to the mainstream -- Kings Of Leon drummer Nathan Followill -- but Jessie's a killer artist in her own right. Her voice is sweet, yet full and powerful. She's got a whimsical quality, which contributes to her folk sound, but her hooks are rooted in pop and seriously radio-friendly.

The video for "Hurry Hurry" was directed by none other than actress Scarlett Johansson. (Nobody ever said it hurt to have a few close super-famous pals/husbands!) In the video we see Jessie, blonde hair messed and rocking a leather jacket, casually strolling down an empty bridge. Not much happens on this bridge except for some vanity shots of Jessie's longing eyes and a cool post-production effect that makes it look like her body is twinkling and then melting... in that order.

While the video isn't much more than a pretty girl on a pretty bridge, we don't care! You can't deny that "Hurry Hurry" wins on account of its stunning visuals, matching perfectly with the record itself. A round of applause for both Scarlett and Jessie -- can we get some more where this video came from?

+ Watch Jessie Baylin's "Hurry Hurry" video.