Star Spotting: Madonna Sends Late-Night Texts, Too! She IS Human!

Credit: Pacific Coast News

We can only imagine the contacts Madonna has in that phone! She probably even has people in there who we didn't know had numbers yet (i.e. baby Blue Ivy). But that's just the type of secret ish you get a when you are the QUEEN of pop music -- an all-access pass to every single person on the planet.

The "Give It 2 Me" singer was snapped tapping away at her BlackBerry in the backseat of a car leaving an after-party for her new film, "W.E.," during the wee hours of the morning in London. (Raise your hand if you're also loving the red '80s throwback gloves!) We're not trying to start any rumors, guys, but why is Madonna trying to get a hold of someone after a night of partying? There's only one reason we can think of: to officially announce the name of her new album, M.D.N.A., mass text style! Come on, guys -- get your minds out of the gutter. We're talking about her MADGESTY.