New Song: Nada Surf, 'Waiting for Something'

Just like their last single, "When I Was Young," the new track from Nada Surf finds the Brooklyn-based trio reflecting on the wide-eyed spirit that's often tough to retain after childhood. While "When I Was Young" was a moody, shoegaze-inspired epic, "Waiting For Something" takes a straight-up pop approach and twists singer-guitarist Matthew Caws' melancholy musings into a jangly, pogo-ready anthem.

The latest offering from Nada Surf's upcoming seventh album (The Stars Are Indifferent To Astronomy), "Waiting for Something" opens with a shimmery, acoustic guitar-kissed intro before kicking into a deceptively sunny beat. The first verse has Caws watching a blissed-out little kid from afar and wondering "Why's he so wild?" noting, "Seems like he's choosing to believe, even when he's faking."

With its wistful refrain of "It always feels like I'm waiting for something," the track reaches a glorious climax at the power-pop bridge. After a surge of soaring harmonies and a return to the chorus, Caws shreds his way through a scorching guitar solo that quickly and beautifully burns all the heartache of "Waiting For Something" away.

The Stars Are Indifferent to Astronomy drops Jan. 24.

+ Listen to Nada Surf, "Waiting for Something."