New Song: Estelle, 'Oliver Twist'

U.K. songstress Estelle rose to fame when she sang about an "American Boy." Now she's continuing to sing about the men in her new record, "Oliver Twist," a cover/reinterpretation of Nigerian singer and G.O.O.D. Music signee D'Banj's original.

In the eclectic, colorful record, Estelle pays tribute to some special bros in her life. And by "special bros" we actually mean extremely famous male celebrities: "I have a confession/Don't take it personal/I love my Kanye West.../I love my Usher, baby.../I like my Tinie Tempah.../I like my English boys/I like Jamaicans/I like American boys.../But nothing can compare.../I love my African boys/No matter where they from." You might say that Estelle's now made a habit out of singing about the different kinds of famous dudes she hangs out with, but if I knew Kanye West and Usher personally, I'd probs brag about it, too.

I get the feeling that this high-energy track is going to seriously enhance my gym mix! Hey, maybe after I burn about 800,000 calories, I'll also have a shot at hanging with Kanye West and Usher. Just kidding, guys! DON'T CHANGE FOR NO MAN!

Estelle's forthcoming album, All of Me, is out Feb. 28.

+ Listen to Estelle, "Oliver Twist."