New Song: Jennifer Hudson And Ne-Yo Featuring Rick Ross, 'Think Like A Man'

Credit: Getty Images

Is there anything Jennifer Hudson can't do? She somehow finds the time to out-hot everyone and still record new jams like her collabo with Ne-Yo and Rick Ross, "Think Like A Man." Oh, and did we mention that "Think Like A Man" is slated to be the theme song to Steve Harvey's forthcoming movie of the same name? True baller status.

Unsurprisingly, Ne-Yo, Rick, and J-Hud come together very nicely for this midtempo, R&B breakup tune. Jennifer Hudson's booming vocals dominate (how could they not?) as she warns: "Now there's no we, babe/There's just you and there's me, babe.../You gotta act like a woman/But think like a man." Ne-Yo's buttery pipes take over on the second verse as he admits he wishes his chick would share his testosterone-driven mindset: "Of course I want my cake and eat it, too/I'm a guy/And of course you don't understand/But you would if you thought like a man." The Teflon Don is up next, and while he doesn't request that his chick think like a dude, he does remind listeners that when his various ladypanion's "catch an attitude" that he proceeds to "call a cab." What a gentleman.

Not to get all feminist or anything, but what do these guys want from us? We have to squeeze into Spanx dresses to look like hot chicks, but then they want us to think like dudes? See, if I'm about to think like a man, then I'm also about to dress like a man and rock a Forever Lazy or something. You can't win 'em all, dudes.

+ Listen to Jennifer Hudson and Ne-Yo featuring Rick Ross, "Think Like A Man."

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