New Song: Tiny Victories, 'Lost Weekend'

Maybe Tiny Victories should set their sights higher. The Brooklyn indie band's debut single, "Lost Weekend," sounds like a big win to us: futuristic synths, squiggly samples and fist-pumping vocals. (Judy Jetson is probably going to bump this one right after Yeezy when the movie drops.)

"Lost Weekend" reminds us of some other New Yorkers you may know -- Interpol's vocals, MGMT's electronics -- while the chorus, "Spent a lost weekend/Walking around in your head," gives us Matt Berninger vibes. (BTW, if you walked around our heads, you would find Taylor Swift lyrics written in lipstick and posters of kitties!)

Tiny Victories' keyboard attack is a huge sound for a two-man crew, which includes singer Greg Walters and Cason Kelly. Walters was once a foreign correspondent covering revolutions in Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan, which we imagine was a little more stressful than programming synths, but he saved up plenty of intensity for his time on the mic. Don't take your time getting "Lost" (puns!) -- add this one to your driving too fast/going to the gym/dancing around your room/being super-awesome playlists already, geez.

The band's five-track debut EP, Those Of Us Still Alive (not morbid at all, dudes), is due out Feb. 28 on the band's own BirdDog Records. (CatDog Records must've been taken.)

+ Listen to Tiny Victories' "Lost Weekend."