Star Spotting: Rihanna's New Boyfriend Looks A Little Young To Us

Credit: Splash News

Rihanna recently showed up courtside at a Lakers game, and it looks like she's making a habit out of catching up on her basketball -- Ri was spotted yesterday at a Clippers vs. Heat game in Los Angeles. Either she's really into hoops or she can't get enough of that junk food. We don't care how famous you are; everyone wants some of that delicious fake cheese they serve at those joints.

Just because the "You Da One" singer's off the clock doesn't mean she won't make time to show some love to her fans. She was snapped giving a young boy her autograph, and judging by the look in this kid's eyes, he's pretty much in love forever and ever now. His stare totally says, "Rihanna, my queen! Become my wife and run away with me! I'll let you play my Kinect if you want, as long as I can be your boyfriend!" Hey, kid: Get in line.