We Made A Justin Bieber Robot! Meet The World's First Bieberbot!

Credit: Getty Images

This week, Justin Bieber was in Las Vegas at the 2012 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) to promote the mRobo, a product from TOSY Robotics out of Vietnam. We don't really know why they picked Bieber to debut the product (actually, we do -- he's really famous), but we're not complaining. Plus, this marks our second look at his epic half denim/half leather Louis Vuitton jacket. A win for all parties involved!

We're sure the mRobo robot does a lot of cool stuff, but we're not really concerned about that. We're more concerned with this question: WHY HAS NO ONE CREATED A JUSTIN BIEBER BIEBERBOT ROBOT yet?! How is a mini electronic Justin Bieber not yet available to the willing public? Jump on this, Justin Bieber's product development team!

Let us imagine this magical little robot, shall we? Here are three things we think the Bieberbot should do:

1.) Vacuum your carpet: Everyone knows that the Roomba is killing the robot game right now. You turn that thing on, and your house is clean when you come back? Pssh, the Bieberbot must come equipped with cleaning abilities for it to stand a chance in the market.

2.) Tell you you're pretty: I spend a lot of money every month at salons paying those people to tell me my nail beds and hair shafts are above average. Might as well just get it at home from a robot that looks like Justin Bieber.

3.) Place voodoo spells on your enemies: Wait, what? Who wrote that?

... And of course, here's what a Bieberbot would look like:

+ What do you guys think about the Bieberbot? Would you buy one? Let us know in the comments!