New Video: Dominique Young Unique, 'She's Unique'

There are trillions of different ways to say "F*** the haters" these days, but Tampa rapper Dominique Young Unique might have just coined some of the best new ways to tell shade-throwers to bounce. In her video "She's Unique," not only is Dominique already making us jealz with her lens-flared, chillax zone lifestyle, but her lyric game is currently being copied and pasted into my "Gr8 Comebacks" list I keep handy on my iPhone. What, you guys don't have one of those?

In the "She's Unique" video, Dominique leads her clique down the street on their way to a skate park as the laid-back party track reminds us just how brush the dirt off our shoulders (in case we forgot): "We gon' kill ya, f*** them haters/Blow past they ass like we pro skaters/He eat a b**** like mashed potatoes," followed by a fantastic hair toss.

I don't know about y'all, but I rue the day that someone calls me "mashed potatoes!" While I find mashed potatoes as a food item delicious and satisfying, as a human, I'd never want to be compared to them -- beige and lumpy?! The worst!

"She's Unique" and the rest of Dominique Young Unique's mixtape, "Stupid Pretty," is available for free download on her website.

+ Watch Dominique Young Unique, "She's Unique."

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