POSTED: T-Pain On His Craziest 5 A.M. Moment, The Meaning Of 'rEVOLVEr'

We launched 2012 in the dopest way possible -- by announcing T-Pain as our POSTED artist for January. We already joined T as he took us down memory lane with a clip from his appearance on "When I Was 17," and we also got the lowdown on his life-changing meeting with Michael Jackson. This week, we learn even more about the "Let Me Talk" rapper. (Seriously, there's never been a dull moment in this guy's life!)

Our first video catches T-Pain proving (yet again!) there's not a boring bone in his body: He lets us in on his craziest 5 a.m. experience. We won't spoil all the details, but it involves being on a bathroom floor -- with a blanket and a pillow. Perhaps that's when he found inspiration to write "5 O'Clock"?

Next up, T reveals the surprising goal he had when writing his latest album, rEVOLVEr: "What I wanted to do was have people not judge a book by its cover." The rapper gets more philosophical saying, "The title makes you have this preconceived notion about what it's going to be all about... It makes you think about thinking about things before you see them or hear it." And that concludes our "Deep Thoughts with T-Pain" segment of the day.

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