Lana Del Rey Is 'A Little Nervous' About Her 'Saturday Night Live' Performance (VIDEO)

There are a few special, landmark moments that are likely to make a musician feel like they've really made it: for example, singing the national anthem at the Super Bowl, winning their first Grammy or making their debut appearance on "Saturday Night Live." Indie/Internet darling Lana Del Rey (and one of MTV's Artists to Watch in 2012) is about to cross one of those things off her list as she makes her U.S. television debut on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend.

Some might argue that it's a risky move for "SNL" to book Lana so soon into her musical career. Not only will the appearance mark her first time performing on U.S. television, but let's not forget that "SNL" is no stranger to controversy from their musical guests (cough, cough, Ashlee Simpson). Given that Lana's already such a polarizing figure before she's even released her first album, Born To Die, we're sure she's not feeling any pressure or anything (!!!).

But actually, Lana Del Rey doesn't seem to be all that worried. Lana stopped by MTV yesterday (full interview coming soon -- stay tuned), and she told us she was only "a little nervous" about her "Saturday Night Live" gig: "You know, you just hope it goes well and you don't f*** it up... I love the two songs I'm gonna do on it, and my band is really good, so... I'm sure it will be good." One thing's for sure: Her nails will be on point.

+ Check out Lana Del Rey discussing her upcoming appearance on "Saturday Night Live," and tune in to her performance this Saturday, Jan. 14, at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

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