Britney Spears' Son Jayden Has The Best Hair EVAR! (PHOTO)

Credit: @BritneySpears

I actually can't even really look at this picture for fear I'll forever compare my future children to Britney Spears'! I mean, how could any other picture ever compete with the adorableness that's radiating from Jayden's static hair moment?

Yesterday, along with this photo, Brit tweeted: "Jayden is having some hair-raising fun on the trampoline!" Now, a few things to point out: First, I'm wondering if Jay got a little extra help from some Dep Shaping Gel Extra Hold? While I'm no trampoline aficionado, I did rock out on many a trampoline back in the day, and never did my hair react so strongly to static. Sure, Jayden's mom is a pop goddess known the world over, so his hair must be extra special, but I'm still a tad bit suspicious.

Secondly, is it weird to say that we predict Jayden's gonna be a total hottie when he grows up? Seriously, no creepiness implied, but will you just look at that bone structure? Britney also recently tweeted an equally adorbz pic of Sean Preston, flexing his biceps at a gymnastics class. Ladies of 2032: Watch out.