New Song: The Shins, 'Simple Song'

It's been a sad five-year wait for a new The Shins album, but it's almost time for Port Of Morrow's release. With their new record also comes a new touring band: Singer/songwriter James Mercer remains Shins' nucleus, but he's backed by a changed cast that includes Richard Swift, Modest Mouse drummer Joe Plummer, Crystal Skulls' Yuuki Matthews and Jessica Dobson.

The Shins' signature style on "Simple Song" is as gorgeous as ever, featuring winsome guitar and indelible melodies. Mercer's lovely turns of phrase remain heartstring-tuggingly romantic as well. "Remember walking a mile to your house, aglow in the dark?/I made a fumbling play for your heart/And the act struck a spark," Mercer sings. "You wore a charm on the chain that I stole, especially for you/Love's such a delicate thing that we do, with nothing to prove." SWOON.

If a new Shins song isn't enough for you, check out the clever way the band designed to listen to the song on their website: a reel-to-reel tape design, which makes authentic squeaky rewind sounds! (Not that I know this from listening a gazillion times or anything...) Bonus: Port Of Morrow will also be available on reel-to-reel tape.

Port of Morrow is set for release March 20 on Aural Apothecary/Columbia.

+ Listen to The Shins' "Simple Song"