New Song: Master Shortie Featuring Bruno Mars, 'All I Need'

It's been a minute since we've heard new tunes from U.K. rapper Master Shortie, but there's no grander way to stage your reappearance than by enlisting the help of Bruno Mars on your new record, "All I Need." If you're wondering who Master Shortie is, here's the 411: London-raised Theo Kerlin, Shortie's name first appeared on the highly coveted BBC's Sound of 2009 Poll along with a couple people you might have heard of: Lady Gaga and Florence + The Machine. Shortie released his debut album, A.D.H.D., in 2009, and while the record didn't chart as high as expected, that didn't stop Shortie from relocating to NYC to put the finishing touches on some brand-new tunage. Welcome to the U.S., Shortie!

According to his Twitter, Shortie's "All I Need" is actually a demo, but we think the record is radio-ready. Bruno opens with some sugary-sweet, retro-tinged pop vocals and basically transforms into a modern day Al Green: "Sugar, cocoa and honey/That's what you taste like to me/Now all I need is/Your sex to wash it down." So, by the time this gal's done gushing over the fact that a hot famous dude thinks she tastes like a cupcake, she's completely missed the fact that Bruno wants to "wash her down" with... some bedroom time. Slick, guys. Very slick.

Master Shortie is up next, and his laid-back flow makes you wonder why he's not sitting comfortably atop both the U.S. and U.K. charts: "I'm a British boy/So I do British things/Like nibble on your earlobe/And let your body sing/You're my violin/And I'm the string." Damn, British boys do all that? Maybe it's time to take a quick trip across the pond. Any travel buddies interested?

+ Listen to Master Shortie featuring Bruno Mars, "All I Need."

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