Star Spotting: Miley Cyrus And Her Boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, Are Really Effing Cute!

Credit: Getty Images

Guy-eeeees. I totally got a case of the Awww-zeees when I saw this photo of Miley Cyrus and her boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, from the People's Choice Awards red carpet last night! (A case of Awww-zeees is kind of like a case of the Mondays except you feel really good inside instead of feeling like garbage at the thought of leaving your bed.) The way these two are looking at each other reminds me of none of my ex-boyfriends a warm-and-fuzzy romcom -- the best kind!!!!!

Everyone's favorite nontraditonal role model stunned in a David Koma dress and side-swept hair. And um, HELLO, Liam Hemsworth. Anyone ever tell you that you're a total babe? Oh, everyone tells you that all the time? NEVERMIND, THEN. I will take my compliments elsewhere! Wait, JK. These two are like, really good-looking together. BRB, buying 15 pounds of wrinkle cream.