New Song: Theophilus London, 'Last Night (LVRS ANTHEM)'

Right from the get-go, Theophilus London's latest single proves to be worlds away from your average party jam. The first cut from London's upcoming Lovers Holiday II: Rose Island, "Last Night (LVRS ANTHEM)" opens with a slowed-down vocal track that warps itself into a mega-creepy, monster-like growl. As the synth-soaked beat speeds up and takes on a crazy-infectious bounce, Theophilus lets loose with a play-by-play of all the hell-raising that went down at last night's party. (Spoiler alert: There was definitely some purple involved, and we're not talking about grape soda. Or Barney The Dinosaur.)

It's no shocker that London's skews a little off-center, considering that he counts geniuses/weirdos like His Royal Purpleness and krautrock cult faves Kraftwerk among his key influences. But the Brooklyn MC's bonkers hybrid of electro, hip-hop and soul-pop never detracts from his super-smooth flow -- or from the sickness of the trance-inducing beat borrowed from Glasgow-based dubstep producer Rustie.

Catch Theophilus on his national headlining tour, which just kicked off -- magically enough -- last night.

+ Listen to Theophilus London, "Last Night (LVRS ANTHEM)." (Language NSFW.)