Lana Del Rey Visits MTV, Talks Britney & Bruce, We All Collectively Fall In Love Even Harder (PHOTO)

Credit: Tamar Anitai

Well HEEEEEY, Lana Del Rey. This afternoon, I had the pleasure of interviewing purry, musey (two words I'm comfortable with having just kind of made up) Lana Del Rey, who's succeeded in becoming much of the internet's personal national anthem. Seriously, I don't think any single human who wasn't divorcing, about to give birth or named Ryan Gosling has informed our internet consumption these past few months the way Lana Del Rey has. And while Lana Del Rey has quietly created a mysterious, sullen swirl of zeitgeist following her "Video Games" video and, more recently, her haunting "Born To Die" video, in person she was funny, sweet, intelligent and refreshingly humble.

I'll have more soon from my Lana Del Rey Buzzworthy interview, but I wanted to give you a sneak peek photo of Lana Del Rey at MTV before she performs on "Saturday Night Live" this weekend and she drops her Born To Die album Jan. 31 and becomes Gaga/Adele/Katy Perry huge. (Also, she's one of MTV's 11 Artists To Watch In 2012, so we called it!)

Stay tuned for Buzzworthy's interview with Lana Del Rey, and until then enjoy a clip of Lana discussing her upcoming "Saturday Night Live" appearance and two videos she told me inspire her: Bruce Springsteen's "I'm On Fire" (SO. EFFING. RIGHT ON) and Britney's "Toxic." (I've found this to be the right answer to most questions.)