Video Premiere: KDrew, 'One'

Dance-pop artist KDrew (also known as Kevin Drew) only has "one night to live in this world" in his new video "One," and dude doesn't even seem that mad about it. But I guess most guys wouldn't be that upset about Armageddon either if the girl in this video was gallivanting around NYC with them during their final days.

"One" opens up with KDrew and his main chick discovering (via text!) that they need to flee some mysterious captors. And where does one go when they need to escape? A city of 9 million people, of course! The duo quickly hop on the subway to get away (probably not the fasted route, just this girl's opinion), where they soon discover that all of New York is completely empty. As the pair explore NYC's vacant side streets and alleyways, the camera cuts to scenes of KDrew on a beach and an urban rooftop, belting out his club anthem: "If you don't give a damn, put your hand in the air/If you love who you with, lemme hear you say 'Yeah!'" Because everyone knows the end of the world is only meaningful if you're spending it with the one you love.

Do KDrew and his GF make it to the next day? You guys are going to have to watch to find out. But a quick side note: I can't be the only one thinking, "Where's the all-you-can-eat macaroni and cheese buffet?" Because that is the one and only mandatory agenda item listed on my "last day on earth" itinerary.

"One" is featured on KDrew's Free Volume 2 EP, out now.

+ Watch KDrew's "One" video.