Star Spotting: Ke$ha -- Now With Skrillex Hair!

Credit: @Keshasuxx

It's official: Ke$ha LOVES accessorizing with hair (kind of like someone else we know). But it looks like she's taking a break from beards to rock out her new Skrillex-inspired style -- you know, the half-shaved haircut that got it's own song.

The "We R Who We R" singer recently tweeted, "Animals, I just shaved the side of my head! Wanna see a pic???" then posted a profile photo of the new cut. If this look is actually inspired by the L.A. electro-house DJ, then we're kind of wondering if Skrillex is also where Ke$ha's getting inspiration for the self-proclaimed "musical evolution" she's been boasting about on her forthcoming 2012 album. Perhaps she's officially putting aside glitter dance-pop and getting her dubstep on?

We're pretty on board with anything Ke$ha's got up her sleeve -- as long as she's not planning on making a beard out of the hair she just shaved off. That's just gross.