New Video: Natalia Kills, 'Kill My Boyfriend'

Dumping your dude via text is so passé -- at least in the mind of dark-pop darling Natalia Kills. In the video for "Kill My Boyfriend" (the latest track off her debut record Perfectionist), the British singer/songwriter cuts her man loose by drowning him in a bathtub full of milk. And while the whole death-by-dairy concept could only be the product of a beautifully warped brain, at least Ms. Kills looks totally fetch as she's getting the dirty deed done (dig her badass topknot, seamed stockings, killer eye shadow and endless parade of super chic ensembles).

True to the track's delicious mix of bubblegum pop and cheerfully twisted lyrics ("I'm rolling the dice, got the wind in my hair/I'm gonna kill my boyfriend, yeah!"), the "Kill My Boyfriend" video is both wicked and whimsical. Along with all the slow-mo milk splashing, we get lots of "Marie Antoinette"-reminiscent eye candy (you know, like extravagant cream cakes and adorable little kitty-cats). The video's so stylish that -- even as Natalia's in the midst of murdering her meanie fiancé -- you can't help but find yourself gushing, "Ooh! Cute wallpaper!" That's some sweet evil indeed.

+ Watch Natalia Kills, "Kill My Boyfriend."