Buzzworthy Exclusive: Watch Drew Barrymore, Mac Miller + More On The Set Of Their V Magazine Shoot

Imagine, if you will: A late summer house party set in L.A. Beer pong, laughing, and dancing. Attendees include Mayer Hawthorne, M83 and Mac Miller, to name a few. To top it all off, Drew Barrymore's photographing the whole thing.

This really did happen, people. And we've got video to prove it! Drew Barrymore recently shot a photo feature for V magazine featuring nine bands -- Mayer Hawthorne, Mac Miller, M83, Spank Rock, Warpaint, The Drums, The Peach Kings, Lord Huron and Audra Mae & The Almighty Sound -- 100 percent of which happen to be some of our favorites. Go behind the scenes of the photo shoot in this exclusive video, where we catch Mac Miller showing off his moves, Mayer Hawthorne letting loose (his bow tie's undone -- serious relax mode), and the girls of Warpaint donning some plastic animal masks (why not?). And yes, people end up kissing -- you know that means it was a great party.

The Spring Preview 2012 issue of V magazine is on newsstands now, and for more on what to expect from Drew Barrymore's photo spread, check out the Drew-directed supervideo for Best Coast's "Our Deal."

+ Go behind-the-scenes on the set of V Magazine's House Party, shot by Drew Barrymore, featuring Mayer Hawthorne, M83, Mac Miller, Warpaint, Spank Rock, and more.