Rihanna Goes Behind The Scenes On The Set Of Her Upcoming Movie 'Battleship' (VIDEO)

If for some reason you didn't believe Rihanna was a triple threat, then pay close attention to her role in the forthcoming film "Battleship." In the film, Rihanna plays naval weapons officer Raikes, a hard-core Navy chick who is way more interested in blowing stuff up than trying out the latest Chanel lip color.

In a revealing behind-the-scenes clip, we see a practically makeup-less Rihanna -- who just revealed the cover art for her next single, "Talk That Talk" -- looking like a total boss as she shoots a gigantic rifle at her enemy while calmly standing on a ship that is slowly sinking into the ocean. (You know, NBD.) She also bosses around two gigantic Army men who seem beyond frightened of her as she yells out instructions.

In the video, we also learn that Rihanna received hands-on training from an actual weapons officer who schooled Rihanna on how to properly hold weapons, taught her how to speak military lingo and gave her other general tips on becoming a total (and official!) badass: "I watched [the weapons officer], and I really just lived and breathed in her mindset and tried to really get in her character. She's fearless, and she's one of the boys. It was really fun to just explore that."

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+ Watch Rihanna behind the scenes on the set of "Battleship."