New Video: Mike Posner, 'Looks Like Sex'

Soul crooner Mike Posner wastes no time getting down to business in his new video, "Looks Like Sex." If you thought the song was an instant panty-dropper, then brace yourselves, kids, 'cause undergarments are literally going to be flying when you see the video. (TMI? Sorry.)

"Looks Like Sex"'s plot is simple: Mike flirts and dances with scantily clad hot chicks who wear glow-in-the-dark bikinis. And by "flirts and dances" I actually mean "stares at lecherously" as two seriously smokin' babes roll around and throw sand over their bodies as they prep for a girl-on-girl catfight. There's also a crucial scene where the two women proceed to tie (and then untie) themselves up with rope, followed by the obvious (but classic) ass-shaking scene. Also of note: Mike Posner's outfit is glow-in-the-dark too, but he's way more clothed than the babes (frowny face).

While the girl-on-girl plotline may be a bit played out, we give props to Posner for putting the ladies in DayGlo-inspired outfits. What a great way to add a unique and artistic touch to the timeless tradition of watching hot chicks almost make out with each other.

+ Watch Mike Posner's "Looks Like Sex" video.