New Video: Van Halen, 'Tattoo'

Van Halen

Credit: WireImage

Van Halen is back, y'all, and the metal legends are ready to write "Drake" all over your forehead. Er, make that "Diamond Dave." Yes, David Lee Roth and the boys are back again, and the reunion has birthed a world tour (following a recent private show at NYC's Cafe Wha?), a new album and a lead single, "Tattoo." Sample lyric: "Housewife to bombshell in the time it takes to get that new tattoo." Yup, sounds like the band's still hot for teacher.

Actually, minus the gray hair and a few decades of wrinkles, Van Halen hasn't aged a day: "Tattoo" finds Roth busting moves (look for the almost-moonwalk at 2:18) and Eddie taking his golden fingers to his ax like Casanova on a first date. Add some thunderous bass from 20-year-old Wolfgang "Son of Eddie" Van Halen and -- wait for it -- you're rocking out.

The black-and-white video was filmed at the band's old stomping grounds, the Roxy in Hollywood, where the group's been rehearsing for the tour. We're only bummed they won't be showing the Black Keys how it's done at Coachella. Maybe in 2K13.

Reunion album A Different Kind Of Truth drops Feb. 7 on Interscope. In the meantime, you might as well jump into "Tattoo."

+ Watch Van Halen's "Tattoo" video.