PHOTOS: Pop Stars On Vacation!

I hate sweating profusely in the middle of summer, but I also hate having to layer 80 bazillion long-sleeve shirts to combat this 20-degree nonsense we’re currently dealing with! Can’t it be forever fall? (Just this gal’s opinion!)

As is the trend around wintertime, over the years some of our favorite celebs have bounced to hotter climates for a quick vacay. Like our favorite bros Nick Jonas and Joe Jonas — they enjoyed a shirtless beach day in Hawaii in 2011 while other celebs fled to the South of France and Miami. To see a plethora of more (nearly) naked celebrity bodies, sun, sand and luxe resorts you probably can’t afford, peep BUZZWORTHY’S POP STARS ON VACATION PHOTO GALLERY!

Credit all photos: Splash News

As you can see, Rihanna’s vacay was drama-free. She looks well-rested and fully relaxed as she chills on a boat in the South of France. Ri finds just enough time to pucker up and blow a kiss to the pesky paps before she sets sail on what is likely a five-star, catered superyacht that’s undoubtedly larger than most NYC apartments.

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Sure, this pic of Jay-Z and Beyoncé is from their 2010 vacay in Monaco, but we don’t even care because THEY JUST HAD A BABY! Not that these new parents will be spending any more quiet nights on gigantic yachts anytime soon, but we hope Jay and Bey look back at this stunning vacation photo and reminisce about their quieter times. What am I even saying? Clearly baby Blue Ivy Carter is perfection and probably won’t even cry.

So Miley Cyrus isn’t exactly in a tropical location (can you even call it a vacation if you’re wearing a wool sweater?), but she still got her photo on during her time spent Down Under in 2011. Sure, it’s not your typical sun-soaked scene, but props to Miley for taking in some culture and looking fully rested and flawless while doing so.

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