Britney Spears' Demo 'Look Who's Talking Now' Surfaces

Credit: Getty Images

Last year Britney Spears fans rejoiced when a sudden leak-apolooza of the pop singer's unreleased tunes hit the net. Now the hidden-hits-of-Brit vault has been reopened with a surprise release of "Look Who's Talking Now," a track cowritten by the pop princess herself, seemingly all about... well, herself.

While we're not sure when and for what album the demo was recorded for, the song's sexy beat mimics Brit's In The Zone (think "Me Against The Music"), chock full of frothy dance-pop energy. A swaying electro rhythm paired with confidently youthful lyrics hint that Brit's hitting the town for some action, circa B.C. (Before Children). No matter what part of her career during which the song was recorded, the message is clear -- girl has a tale to tell and demands everyone's eyes on her: "Hey, hey, hey/So, look who's talking now/That's why the song is about me/yeah, yeah, yeah." Brit clearly knows the best way to get people to listen to what you have to say is in peppy song form.

Even though Brit's headed for some much needed R&R in 2012, with this leak and her recent engagement announcement, Britney still has world's attention. Per usual.

+ Listen to Britney Spears' "Look Who's Talking Now."