New Video: Arctic Monkeys, 'Black Treacle'

We get the feeling Arctic Monkeys just caught up on "Breaking Bad." Also, "Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas"? The band’s California-filmed video "Black Treacle" is all orange jumpsuits and weird deserts, starring drummer Matt Helders as an escaped convict looking for a mystery brunette in a wedding dress. Meanwhile, a '50s-styled Alex Turner plays leather-jacketed chauffeur to his bandmate and, um, a lady of the evening while dude’s poor fiancée is off ruining that white gown. Arctic Monkeys: classy blokes.

The oddball clip gets slightly sci-fi in its closing moments, with floating objects hollering at gravity later and a sad-looking dead lion abandoned in the sand. We’re guessing PETA vetoed the polar bears (#LOST). Nothing strange about the music, though: It's the sort of hard-drinking, sing-along guitar rock we’ve come to expect from the catchy Brits. "Black Treacle" is the fourth single from last year's Suck It And See, the band's fourth album –- they're all grown up! Aww, we still remember downloading their demos on Soulseek on our parents' desktop. (Shh, don't tell Mom.)

Arctic Monkeys will join the Black Keys for a North American tour this spring, so bring your hair gel. And your favorite jungle cat.

+ Watch Arctic Monkeys' "Black Treacle" video.