Paul McCartney Named His New Album 'Kisses On The Bottom'

Credit: Ray Kilpatrick/Getty Images

Paul McCartney -- yes, THAT Paul McCartney, THE Paul McCartney of THOSE Beatles -- chose to call his upcoming album "Kisses On The Bottom." Now, before you go around making assumptions about his various recreational interests and private proclivities, you should know that "Kisses On The Bottom" is a line from the 1935 (aka olden times!) Fats Waller song "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down And Write Myself A Letter," which appears on the album, out Feb. 7. Macca's (that's what in-the-know types call him, so you know) album features mainly American standards and a small offering of original songs.

OK, PHEW! Because for a second there, I was like "'Kisses On The Bottom'?? Really? Because it almost sounds like..." But it doesn't mean that at all! Sigh of relief.

(Postscript: Before you assume that Paul McCartney is "parent music" -- and quite frankly HOW DARE YOU, because the man is a musical messiah and also an official SIR -- he just may share your taste in music considering he was spotted at a Lady Gaga concert and a Beyoncé show.)